Justice is Truth in Action.

Our mission is to transform community responses to violence and trauma through forming alliances, enhancing policies, and creating sustainable change.  

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2021 Strangulation Series
The Sexualization of Strangulation: Fetish or Felony?

Hosted by: Conference on Crimes Against Women

May 20th and 21st

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The Supplement

The tool for evidence collection that supports law enforcement and other first responders to victims of sexual assault and domestic violence.

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After decades of work on the front lines, RESPOND was established to fill identified gaps in the system that impede justice, healing and advancement of reform.


Our vision integrates the experience of individuals, communities and systems to improve the collective response to violence and trauma.


We are committed to providing tools to assist practitioners and facilitate a survivor’s experience with the systems designed to protect them.


“Kelsey’s knowledge and institutional insight has proven invaluable to building our non-profit.  ” - Mother

“When my daughter was raped and murdered, I knew I had to do something. Starting a non-profit to address the issues which ultimately led to her murder was the direction I decided to take. I knew nothing about the system I hoped we could help change. And then I met Kelsey McKay, founder of RESPOND. Kelsey’s knowledge and institutional insight has proven invaluable to building our non-profit.  Her experience, familiarity with barriers, and her ability to translate complexities helped us make true progress. I am forever grateful for RESPOND’s collaboration on the work we do.” -Mother

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