HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER: Homicides, Staged Scenes & Missed Opportunities

Hosted by:

Kelsey McKay, JD, President of RESPOND Against Violence and Former Prosecutor
Dawn Wilcox, Founder of Women Count USA: United States Femicide Database
Andrea Zaferes, Aquatic Expert & Death Investigator

Drowning, strangulation, and suffocation are leading causes of death across the lifespan. But without obvious signs of external trauma, homicides resulting from asphyxiation are often missed or mislabeled. Whether called a suicide, natural cause, or a tragic accident, intent can rarely be determined without a deeper investigation. This webinar introduces insight that the criminal justice system can use to catch a killer.


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Physiological Consequences of Strangulation Timeline
(See PDF Attachment)

Rough Sex Defence: Why Campaigners Want it Banned

'Rough Sex' Defence Will Be Banned, says Justice Minister

Cold Case: 'Valentine Jane Doe' Rape, Murder Solved Through DNA After 29 Years

N.M. Office Who Told Suspect He Was Going to 'Choke You Out' Is Charged with Manslaughter

Irvine Attorney Convicted in Ex-Wife's Cruise Ship Murder

The Voice of Charles: The Death of Rose

Investigative Psychology Research Unit at John Jay

NIJ Journal 250: Intimate Partner Homicide (Assessing Risk Factors for Intimate Partner Homicide)

Resources from Dawn Wilcox, Founder of Women Count USA: United States Femicide Database

Women & Girls Lost to Male Violence in 2018 by Dawn Wilcox from Women Count USA

Jane Monckton Smith: 8 Stages of Homicide

Intimate Partner Homicide Timeline

Murder Accountability Project: The Algorithm That Catches Serial Killers

Samuel Little's Biography

Confessions of a Killer: FBI Seeking Assistance Connecting Victims to Samuel Little's Confessions

Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls (MMIWG) Report

Urban Indian Health Institute: Our Bodies, Our Stories

International Commission Holds Historic Hearing on Violence Against Native Women in the U.S. – U.S. Officials and Native Advocates Agree Violence Must End

Hearing the Whispers

CDC: Half Of All Female Homicide Victims Are Killed By Intimate Partners

WHO: Understanding & Addressing Violence Against Women
(See PDF Attachment)

CDC: Racial and Ethnic Differences in Homicides of Adult Women and the Role of Intimate Partner Violence — United States, 2003–2014

“Homicide is one of the leading causes of death for women aged ≤44 years.* In 2015, homicide caused the death of 3,519 girls and women in the United States. Rates of female homicide vary by race/ethnicity (1), and nearly half of victims are killed by a current or former male intimate partner.”

The State of Homicide: Mapping America's Homicide Rates from 1999-2017

Eleven Murder-Suicides Occur Across America Each Week, Claiming More Than 1,300 Lives Annually, New VPC Study Finds

Men Who Murder Their Families: What the Research Tells Us

Gendered Differences in Murder

The Murder Accountability Project: Police departments failed to report nearly 3,000 homicides in 2018, Founded by Thomas Hargrove

The Serial-Killer Detector

Can You Use This Data Set to Find Serial Killers?

The Preppy Murder: Who’s on Trial?

The Fatal, Hateful Rise of Choking During Sex

Margate Man Acquitted in Murder Case After Oral-Sex Defense

Medical Examiner: 'I don't think it's possible' Woman Choked to Death During Consensual Oral Sex

So You're Into Choking: Coming to Grip with this Increasingly Popular Sex Act

The Startling Rise of Choking During Sex: A quarter of women in the U.S. report feeling scared during sex

U.S. Department of Justice Office of Justice Programs Bureau of Justice Statistics: Female Victims of Violence

CDC: National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey 2010
(See CDC PDF Report)

Engaging African American Males in Ending Gender-Based Violence

Armed and Misogynist: How Toxic Masculinity Fuels Mass Shootings

The Mysterious Death of Rebecca Zahau: Sexually Motivated Murder?

Norfolk Judge Freed Man Accused of Choking His Girlfriend. Then, prosecutor says, he killed her.

APD: Suspect Kills Himself After Staging Girlfriend’s Murder to Look Like a Suicide

The Staged Crime Scene

Pregnant McCracken Co. Teen Suffocated; Boyfriend Charged with Murder

Woman's Killer Hid in Closet as She Slept Night Before Fatal Attack in Apopka home: Records

Man Accused of Killing Former Roommate Hid in Closet to Stage Home Invasion

Danueal Drayton Had History Of Violence, Mental-Health Issues; Blew Off Probation Appointments

Texas Man Charged with Killing 12 Women, Police Look at 750 Other Deaths for Possible Links

Most Serial Killing Victims are Women, FBI reports

More Men are Killed than Women, So Why Focus on Violence Against Women?

Murders by Intimate Partners Are on the Rise, Study Finds

Southwestern Missouri Man Convicted of Killing Former Lover

TED: The Urgency of Intersectionality

Domestic Violence Calls Proven to be Most Dangerous for Responding Law Enforcement Officers: U.S. DOJ report shows that 40% of officer deaths are related to domestic violence calls.

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