Trauma, whether experienced through violence or rape impacts how a person communicates to the world. They trust us to hear what they are saying. All too often, their words and actions get lost in translation. The voices featured in these videos serve to transform these experiences into a universal language that we can all understand. When we understand trauma, we understand survivors and we learn that we must be Better, Together.
Our Better, Together Campaign is a series of interviews featuring both survivors and practitioners (law enforcement, advocates, prosecutors) edited to educate the community and system about both barriers and successes through the lens of experience. RESPOND focuses on forward-thinking solutions in the post #metoo world to replace outdated and ineffective policies that have languished over the years.

We believe that hearing the stories of survivor is crucial to the goal of changing how the violence responds to violence, crime and trauma. Listen to Stephanie’s story to hear how so may could have helped but the stigmas we have around abuse, the sex industry and people with troubled histories can be highly misread. As we dive into childhood trauma, loss and abuse we find more and more that many victims have PTSD and mass amounts of unresolved trauma making it more difficult for officers and legal systems to assist in a way that helps these women. Together we can change the way we RESPOND. Together we can do better. We thank you for taking the time to get in this fight with us. Because of men and women like you, we will change the system.

Respond proudly partnered with Project Beloved to help install 6 soft interview rooms at the Austin Police Department. Read more about the collaboration from the KVUE article and interview here.
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