After decades of work on the front lines, RESPOND was established to fill identified gaps in the system that impede justice, healing and advancement of reform.


Our vision integrates the experience of individuals, communities and systems to improve the collective response to violence and trauma.


We are committed to providing tools to assist practitioners and facilitate a survivor’s experience with the systems designed to protect them.

How we support your efforts in the field

Who We Are

RESPOND Against Violence is a collaborative alliance dedicated to fighting trauma, interpersonal and sexual violence, child abuse, and human trafficking. Our team consists of members with combined decades experience from diverse disciplines who have made revolutionary, measurable advances in their respective fields.

What We Do

With guidance from experienced advocates, the medical community, and experts in the criminal justice system, RESPOND advances the conversation from awareness to action. RESPOND is the bridge to improve systems by motivating communities to adopt effective strategies and informed practices.


I met Kelsey McKay, founder of RESPOND. Kelsey’s knowledge and institutional insight has proven invaluable to building our non-profit. - Mother

“When my daughter was raped and murdered, I knew I had to do something. Starting a non-profit to address the issues which ultimately led to her murder was the direction I decided to take. I knew nothing about the system I hoped we could help change. And then I met Kelsey McKay, founder of RESPOND. Kelsey’s knowledge and institutional insight has proven invaluable to building our non-profit.  Her experience, familiarity with barriers, and her ability to translate complexities helped us make true progress. I am forever grateful for RESPOND’s collaboration on the work we do.” -Mother


“I’ve attended many seminars over my 38-year career in law enforcement and Kelsey’s strangulation training was the most informative I’ve ever attended.” -Law Enforcement

“Prior to engaging Kelsey’s services, Harris County struggled with collaborating across systems to develop programming and responses that truly facilitate justice for survivors. To address this issue, Harris County partners consulted with Kelsey because she understands the intersectionality of systems.  Her experience and guidance facilitated the creation of the Harris County strangulation protocol, which allows justice partners to effectively identify and support high-risk victims impacted by strangulation.  Our strangulation protocol not only improves the law enforcement response but also informs the relationship between prosecutors, advocates, and the medical forensic community, which is critical to victims receiving the short and long term care they need to be restored and empowered after a violent episode”.  - Carvana Cloud, Former Bureau Chief, Special Victims Bureau, Harris County District Attorney’s Office


“The best training I have attended in 25+ years as a prosecutor. It provided real, practical advice, tools and techniques that can immediately be understood and utilized by professionals in multiple, cooperative disciplines. Her workshops are a GAME CHANGER!” -Prosecutor
This was a very eye-opening course with information that I wish I had been taught years ago. I feel that this class should be a staple in every police academy across the nation! It was amazing and so interesting! --Police Lt.
“The supplement has been instrumental in our successful indictment and prosecution of strangulation cases, the most recent case being sentenced to 40 years for a strangulation in which we used the supplement.” - Law Enforcement